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We know that your Tohatsu outboard is more than a means of transportation. It's a reliable friend. It's a personal expression. And to that end, Tohatsu Dealers and Authorized Service Centers provide only Genuine Tohatsu Parts and Accessories for your outboard.


Tohatsu Marine TCW3 Oil

Tohatsu Premium TCW3 Oil is specially formulated to work with all 2-strokes including our new TLDI (direct injection) outboards. Tohatsu Premium Oil exceeds the industry minimum requirements of TCW3 oil. Tohatsu 2-stroke oil contains additional additives and detergents to keep your Tohatsu outboard running at peak performance.


Part #

Tohatsu Marine TCW3 Oil Pints (case)


Tohatsu Marine TCW3 Oil Quarts (case)


Tohatsu Marine TCW3 Oil Gallons (case)



Tohatsu Marine Gauges A variety of Tohatsu gauges are available through your local dealer; hour meters, speedometers, tilt/trim gauges, Analog and LCD tachometers and even multi-function LCD gauges. All manufactured to Tohatsu's precision standards.

See your dealer for a complete list of all Tohatsu gauges available for your outboard.


Tohatsu Safety Lanyard CordsSafety lanyard cords are designed to shut off your outboard in the event the operator falls overboard (lanyard must be properly connected to both the outboard and the operator).  Without this important safety feature your outboard would continue to run, without you at the controls.  This item is necessary to start your outboard. Replacement lanyard cords can be purchased through your local dealer.


Tohatsu Marine Part #

Safety Lanyard Cord



Tohatsu  Touch-Up Paint

To keep your Tohatsu outboard looking new and to help prevent corrosion, touch-up paint is available from your local dealer.


Replacement spark plugs can be ordered through your local dealer. All spark plugs meet the original specifications as the ones that came with your Tohatsu outboard.


Tohatsu Spark Plugs


Tohatsu Marine Part #









NGK - RC10ECC 97011-4016M

Tohatsu Trim Tabs & Sacrificial Anodes

Trim tabs and sacrificial anodes are designed to help protect your outboard from corrosion in both fresh and salt water.  Anodes should be replaced when they are 2/3 eroded. 

Tohatsu Marine Water Pump KitsWater pump kits are available for all models of Tohatsu outboards.  Water pumps should be replaced annually to ensure that your Tohatsu outboard remains in perfect running condition.  All water pump kits include impeller, gaskets, impeller key, bolts, and a stainless steel water pump liner to help prevent corrosion.


Water Pump Repair Kits


Tohatsu Marine Part #

2.5 & 3.5A 30965-0211M (Impeller only)
3.5B 3F087-3221M
4, 5, 6 (2-stroke & 4-stroke) 36987-3221M
8 3B287-3221M
9.8 3B287-3221M
9.9, 15, 18 (2-stroke & 4-stroke) 36287-3220M
25, 30 (2-stroke) 36187-3220M
25, 30 (4-stroke) 3R087-3220M
40C (2-cylinder) 36187-3220M
40D, 50D (3-cylinder) 3C887-3221M
MD50A (TLDI) 3T587-3220M
70B/70C (3-cylinder) 3F387-3221M
MD70, MD90 (TLDI) 3C787-3221M
90 (2-stroke) 3B787-3221M
115 / 140 3C787-3221M

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